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No HD Video Quality I browsed the site and streamed and downloaded multiple videos from today and years past and I didn't find any that were in HD.

Most look average and some were even worse than that.

I say they are pros because they are truly one of the first sites to enter into this field - bravely starting back when dial up and slow downloads were still a thing.

Watch Live TV and On Demand shows, manage your DVR, and use the app as a remote control.

Not the Best Design & Navigation The site doesn't look very good, but what's worse are all the annoying ads and banners all over the members' area, with moving images that make them even more distracting than they already are.

When is comes to the navigation, there are over 500 pages of videos and you can only jump ahead 10 pages at a time, which means at least 50 clicks just to get to the last page.

But others say it flashes in the video just like a modern-day smartphone The match took place in Las Vegas Nevada and was the first time in four years Tyson had taken the ring.

It was the highest grossing fight in history during the time and gained international headlines, but now some believe it might have received universal attention Earlier this year, theorists created a stir about a Greek sculpture from 100 BC that they say showed a women holding a laptop – complete with USB ports.