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It is free and open to all, but booking is essential.To book, please email Shrewsbury Univeristy at [email protected] or telephone 01743 297185.

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Mr Michael Swift will give a lecture for the Dartmouth & Kingswear Decorative and Fine Arts Society exploring some of the finest surviving examples of stained glass in Cornwall and Devon, dating from the Middle Ages to the present day.

He will consider both the general development of the art of stained glass over the centuries, and also the place of the stained glass of the south west within that narrative.

Miss the bugger mind, ee flitted of to work overseas. The wood sorrel in my memory is also sour and really good with cheddar. Ed from Instow Our old farm labourer used to come out with some classics: Wer be gwain (where are you going), What be dwain (what are you doing). For example my Dad, a Plymouthian always says 'Me Luvver' and if you say that to someone not from the area (esp to another man) people think it's a bit odd.

Linda Rowland Nottingham My Nan used to warn "don't stir that cabbage hard, you'll have it all of a jowder". The most memorable quote he ever said to me and my mates returning from a surf was "if i've ever zeed dree bags'v jjit, they'm stood yer right een vront'v me". Steve - Birmingham, ex Paignton It still suprises me when people 'up country' don't understand the simple expression - 'Where to? kirsty not that many at the moment, i am still researching that!