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IELTS Life Skills – B1: Indefinite leave to remain • Settlement/permanent residency.

IELTS Life Skills – B1: British Citizenship • Naturalisation Please contact the organisation you are applying to confirm which type of test you need to take.

NOIDA: The first Metro train from Noida to Greater Noida could run as early as this December, three months before the March 2018 commissioning date.

The 29.7km corridor is racing to the finish line and, according to the DMRC, will be the fastest Metro project built in India.

Says Rahul, "It's a lot of a fun when you sneak out to the elevator.

Making out there acts as a huge stress buster, especially when you are staying up nights continuously.

It normally takes around 3 years to put up an elevated track," Singh said.

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These are all standalone restaurants outside of hotels and have seating space:1) Desi Vibes Desi Vibes opened in Noida's Sector 18 market some 7-8 years back to give competition to Punjabi by Nature.Yet, I would still advise that when one indulges in such activities, it is best to be mindful of the people around as it might not have a great effect on children if they happen to catch you in the act.Doing it in an elevator is a good idea so long you don't hurt yourself in that rush.Singh's remarks came at a ceremony where DMRC formally accepted a certificate from Limca Book of Records for building a record 200 U-shaped girders in May 2016 to lay the viaduct for the Aqua line, the most in a month for a single Metro line in the country.DMRC is building the line on behalf of the Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC). It will not only be the fastest track to be put into place in less than two and half years, it will also be the most economical.