Stanley 220 block plane dating

In my experience most any type as long as they were made before late 1950s will do just fine.My personal favorite smoothing plane I have is a 4 made during WWII, with the ogee or Coke bottle type frog that most seem to think is not as good design as some of the previous designs. & please include pictures of the tools that you need parts for. Planes, Scrapers & Spokeshaves, and other tools have threaded parts have proprietary & obsolete threads and are not available in hardware stores. To assist you in supplying the right parts for specific models and vintage tools, please provide me with pertinent physical details: markings on the tools -patent dates, trademarks, etc.When Record Tools acquired the production rights for the planes formally manufactured by Edward Preston & Sons, a number of Edward Preston planes ended up in Record's own product line.Record Plane Price Guide Find out what each Record plane and spoke shave is worth with this quick price guide. A valuable resource which shows you what you should be paying for a Record hand plane.In addition, most items are described with remarks in respect to percent of original finish (including re-paints); pitting; chips; breaks; repairs, owner's marks; missing, replaced and/or non-vintage parts, etc.

Please contact me by Email or phone for return authorization. This Bailey knockoff has a 9in sole is clearly marked on the cutter and is all around good condition with some minor dinging and owner initials punched into one cheek.6303-041 STANLEY No. This one has a sweetheart cutter and notched rectangle on the lever cap and is in overall excellent condition with japanning mostly intact and minor dinging.6303-046 STANDARD TOOL CO. Plus 5in sole slide-in cap overall pitting.6303-083 Lot of two block planes. 220 cutter adjustment wheel replaced by a bolt and locking lever missing parts plane.Plus GREAT NECK G2 block plane 7in sole rear knob cutter adjustment unusual maker.6303-084 Lot of two block planes. 1247 clean condition with almost complete decal on knuckle cap.On the flipside, I would not buy a NOS in the original box plane for a user, let the collectors fight over those.There is a lot of talk about individual types of these planes being better than others (particularly type 11).