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"I'm not going to ever apologise for it because there was nothing at the time that was serious or bad and nobody was getting hurt," she told The Telegraph., but even he hasn’t been able to clarify what that actually is.“I love her as a person, she’s a great presenter, she’s a good thing for this year, but nothing went on, I never slept with her. But I didn’t sleep with her.” He added: “She didn’t spend the night with me, I didn’t cuddle up with her, we’re just generally good, good friends. So whatever’s said, my apologies.” when you actually only took part in The American Idol Experience at Disney World, and you say you’ve had a standing ovation from 500,000 (that’s HALF A MILLION! “I didn’t think it would be – I’m just a 33-year-old, wrinkly, corduroy cap guy, so it’s nice that I’ve got that flattery! The X Factor's Mr Nasty Simon Cowell unleashed his venom when he hit out at auditionee Mason Noise in a dramatic on-stage showdown.After leaving the Xtra Factor, Sarah went on to carry out presenting duties for the E! During her career, Sarah has also presented the MOBO Awards a number of times.Apart from her hosting duties on The Xtra Factor, the host hasn't participated in other well known reality TV shows.

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Winning a music competition secures a high prestige, but what matters most for an artist is his establishment for many years in the industry. So the Oxford English Dictionary's 2016 Word of the Year has been announced.

After it emerged Chloe had a boyfriend whilst she was competing in the television talent contest, Stevi quickly picked himself up and carried on, perhaps in a bid to work out what this mysterious sixth base is. Whatever’s happening, he’s certainly more confident in the dating department – he insists he’s getting a lot more female attention after rising to fame. The women situation has definitely risen from six months ago, I’m not going to lie.

A rumour began to circulate he was dating : “I’ll clear the rumours up right now – I know they’re trying to get me a date with SJ because I do have a soft spot for her, but nothing went on between me and SJ. “I’m not blowing smoke up my own backside or anything like that but it has and it’s really flattering, it’s really, really nice.

Despite all The industry is lacking in authenticity.

Now, people want to be famous for the sake of being famous even though they don't necessarily have the talent in a particular area, so the world of 'celebrityism' has been filled up with Big Brother winners and X Factor dropouts.