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It’s one that many true Hatch growers attribute to an indelicate balance of centuries of hard work on very specific soil and environmental makeups of the region; decades of deserved hype in local, national and international press; and major produce distributors who hope to cash in on the enduring and highly profitable Hatch chile mystique.

But one of these things (the last one, ) is not like the other.

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Thanks to the growing national popularity of Hatch’s seasonal peppers, however, there is also a culture of mistrust among people who understand that food labels are a lot like politicians: Sometimes, they lie.

The venerable green chile that hails from the village of Hatch (the self-proclaimed “Chile Capital of the World”), located in Doña Ana County about 40 miles northwest of Las Cruces, currently suffers from a frustrating identity crisis.

Provides opportunities for children to stay up-to-date on their immunizations.

Participating providers open their doors for any child who presents for immunizations, regardless of whether he/she is a patient or whether he/she has insurance.

Sex dating in hatch new mexico