Updating ares

Gapps include –No Rooted Language support : Multilang Install ROM: Unpack the archive ****** and archive with the ROM 1).

I haven't had any time to delve into anything, other than reverting to previous version to fix the issues its causing; I've posted the previous version of the URL resolver module to the Ares Forum, so you can download from there.

This will be installed by the Ares server updater and Ares client installer if not already installed, and your Ares server and client machines must be restarted after installation to apply the changes.

The Ares client, Staff Manager and Customization Manager all have to run locally and cannot run from a share drive.

Kodi will run on most graphics cards made within the last 10-years or so, though for good hardware video decoding support a little newer graphics cards can be required.

This includes most cards from AMD/ATI, Intel, or NVIDIA which support Open GL 2.0 or later.